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Smith RV Rentals

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Houston RV Rentals

Smith RV Rentals provides the answers to many of your Frequently Asked Questions regarding several aspects of the RV Rental process including:

Pick Up and Return
Optional Equipment


Q. Is there a security deposit?

A.. Yes, our refundable security deposit is $1,000.

Q. Is there a late fee for pickups or returns?

A. Yes, $50 per hour.

Q.  How can I make a reservation?
A.  Please contact our reservations office.

If you live within the Houston area or outside the USA please call 281-447-4263 or email us.
If you live outside the Houston area please email us.

Pick Up and Return

Q.  How do I get to the rental location?
A.  Please go to the directions section of our website and enter your address and you will be provided with exact directions to our location.

Q.  What are pick up and return times?
A.  Vehicle pick up and return is between 8:00 A.M. CT and 1:00 P.M. CT Monday thru Friday 8:00 A.M. CT and 11:00 A.M. CT Saturday. 
      No Sunday pickups or Returns. Motorhomes are only sent out during these hours. NO EXCEPTIONS. Please allow 1 hour for pick up and return procedures.

Q.  Do I need to schedule a pick up time?
A.  Please, it is always helpful if you schedule a pick up time.

Q.  When must I return the vehicle?
A.  Vehicle pick up and return is between 8:00 A.M. CT and 1:00 P.M. CT Monday thru Friday 8:00 A.M. CT and 11:00 A.M. CT Saturday.
      No Sunday pickups or Returns. Motorhomes are only sent out during these hours. NO EXCEPTIONS. Please allow 1 hour for pick up and return procedures.

Q.  Is luggage storage available at the location?
A.  Luggage storage is available on a limited basis. However, to facilitate the pick up and drop off procedures, we recommend that the clients store luggage in their vehicle. Soft-sided or collapsible bags are the best for storage in the vehicle.

Q.  What kind of instruction will I be given about the vehicles, their appliances, and how to use them?
A.  You will receive a full orientation of the motorhome, including client's maintenance use and responsibility. Orientation consists of introducing general concepts of motorhome use as well as a personal instructional walk around of motorhome by a qualified instructor. Written Instructions are provided for clients to take with them.

Q.  Are grocery and other facilities available near the rental station?
A.  Our location staff will be happy to provide you with this information.

Q.  Are pets allowed in the motorhomes?
A.  Yes, pets are allowed, but keep in mind that you are expected to clean all pet hair out of motorhome, and you are responsible for any damages done by the pet. There will be a $50 fee for cleaning excess pet hair.


**All motorhomes require a 30 amp plug**

Q.  Do I need an International Drivers License to travel in the US? Do I need a special drivers license to drive a motorhome?
A.  Generally your national license and a translation are required. No, you do not need any special drivers license to drive a motorhome.

Q.  Are motorhomes difficult to drive or slow to accelerate?
A.  Modern motorhomes handle very much like a car and have enough power that they accelerate as quickly as many cars.

Q.  Are motorhomes complicated to hook up to campsite facilities?
A.  Connecting the motorhome to campsite facilities requires no technical expertise. This includes all the motorhome capabilities such as electricity, water, and sewer. You will receive instruction on these connections at the time of pick up. Please note, where will be a $35 fee for dumping the toilet holding tank if you do not take care of it at one of these facilities. 

Q.  What's the difference between Class A and a Class C motorhomes?
A.  Class A motorhomes look more like a bus. A class C motorhome has a bed over the cab.

Q.  What type of gas mileage can I expect from the motorhome?
A.  While gas mileage varies greatly depending on travel conditions and speed. You should get anywhere from 8-12 miles per gallon.

Q.  What type of fuel does a motorhome use?
A.  All our motorhomes and their generators are powered by unleaded gasoline engines.

Q.  What kind of power supply does a motorhome have?
A.  Our motorhomes have a Ford Triton V10 engine. The refrigerator, heater, water heater, stove and range operate on propane gas. The dash air conditioner is powered by the engine while driving and the overhead air conditioner(s), microwave and other items by either an outside 110V power supply or by a generator.

Q.  Can I tow with the RV?
A.  Towing is not allowed with our vehicles.

Optional Equipment

Q.  What optional equipment is available for me to rent?
A.  Housekeeping kits which include:
Pillow Cases
Hand Towel
Bath Towel
Wash Cloth
Dish Towel
Cereal Bowl


Q.  Where can I stay in the motorhome?
A.  There are approximately 16,000 campgrounds in the U.S. half of which are private and the rest which are in national and state parks and forests.
      Sites can be found outside major cities, in rural areas, and near popular attractions. We provide you with a KOA and Woodall Campground Guides and a KOA discount card. Please be advised that for safety reasons, awnings are restricted from use.

Q.  What facilities will I find at campgrounds?
A.  Campground facilities vary greatly dependant on many factors, however a partial list of facilities commonly found at many campgrounds would include: electric, water, and sewage hook-ups, washing machines and dryers, swimming pools, recreation rooms, playgrounds, and on-site convenience stores.

Q.  How much can I expect to pay per night for a campsite?
A.  Campground rates vary based upon time of year, facilities, and location. Based upon these criteria you can expect to pay between $10 and $50 per night.

Q.  If I decide to stay at a campground without connections for sewage, water, and electricity how will this affect me?
A.  You can use your generator for electricity. However you will need to periodically find a sewage dump station to empty your holding tanks. You will also need to periodically find a source of potable water so you can refill your drinking water tanks.

Q.  Is it necessary to make reservations for campsites at campgrounds?
A.  In some seasons and at some locations it may be necessary to make advance reservations. This is especially true during high season travel and at very popular tourist destinations.

Q.  Are there any size restrictions at campgrounds?
A.  Some campgrounds may not allow motorhomes greater than twenty-five feet in length. Some State and National parks restrict the size of motorhome allowed. Please check in a campground guide or contact the campground in advance if you have any questions.

Q.  Do you provide any campground guides and or maps?
A.  Yes we provide KOA Kampground Directory and a Woodall Campground Directory.

Q.  Is it possible to camp in the wild?
A.  Yes. However we do not recommend it for security reasons. 

**LATE RETURNS and/ or LATE PICKUPS are subject to 50.00 charge per hour. TOLLS incurred while driving our motor homes will be subject to a 35.00 administrative fee as well as all toll road fees.**

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